Alexandre Dolgui

Distinguished Professor and Head of

the Automation, Production, and Computer Sciences Department,

IMT Atlantique

Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Production Research

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Seminar title: 

Stochastic Programming Approach for Capacitated Disassemly Lotsizing under Dynamic Demand and Random Component Refurbishing Times


Planning disassembly operations is challenging in practice because the quality of the recovered components is very uncertain, and thus the duration of the refurbishing operations is unpredictable. We address the capacitated disassembly lot-sizing problems under uncertain refurbishing durations. More precisely, we consider a two-level disassembly system with a single type of end-of-life (EOL) product, a dynamic demand, and stochastic refurbishing lead times for all components. This tactical problem is modeled as a two-stage stochastic Mixed-Integer Linear Program (MILP) to minimize the expected total cost. To alleviate the scalability issues, we propose a reformulation of the inventory constraint that significantly reduces the number of scenarios. Besides, to solve large scale problems, we couple this reformulation with Monte Carlo sampling. Experimental results show the effectiveness of the proposed models and the convergence of the resulting Sample Average Approximation (SAA) estimator.

Speaker bio: 

Alexandre Dolgui is a Fellow of IISE, Distinguished Professor and the Head of the Automation, Production, and Computer Sciences Department at the IMT Atlantique, campus in Nantes, France. His research focuses on manufacturing line design, production planning and scheduling, and supply chain engineering. His main results are based on exact mathematical programming methods and their intelligent coupling with heuristics and metaheuristics algorithms. He has contributed to the theory of assembly line balancing, combinatorial design of machining lines, process planning, supply chain scheduling, lot sizing and replenishment under uncertainties. He is the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Production Research, an area editor of Computers & Industrial Engineering, a member of the editorial boards for several other journals, including the International Journal of Production Economics, Fellow of the European Academy for Industrial Management, Member of the Board of the International Foundation for Production Research, former Chair of IFAC TC 5.2Manufacturing Modelling for Management and Control, and Member of IFIP WG 5.7 Advances in Production Management Systems.