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About this research seminar series

The objective of this research seminar series is to provide a platform to connect global academics, researchers, and practitioners in industrial and systems engineering, management science, and engineering (covering a broad range of application domains, such as construction, finance, healthcare, logistics and transportation, manufacturing, and supply chain). Distinguished scholars and industrial leaders will share their significant and innovative visions, insights, and ideas with the participants and nurture the younger generation of researchers who will lead our future.

This series of seminars is free and open to the public.

Past Seminar

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Duc Truong PHAM

Chance Professor of Engineering,

University of Birmingham


Cogent Engineering;

International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing


Date and time:  Dec 7 (Wed), 2022, 20:00 HKT (GMT+8)  [Local time]

Zoom link:       Zoom meeting ID: 939 6553 3071

Seminar Title: 

Robotic disassembly research – steps towards smart remanufacturing


ANSI RIC001.1-2016 (Specifications For The Process Of Remanufacturing) defines remanufacturing as “a comprehensive and rigorous industrial process by which a previously sold, leased, used, worn, or non-functional product or part is returned to ‘like-new’ or ‘better-than-new’ condition, from both a quality and performance perspective, through a controlled, reproducible, and sustainable process.”  Remanufacturing is integral to a circular economy, saving raw materials and other resources including energy and water and drastically cutting greenhouse gas emissions and the need for landfill.  The first task in almost all remanufacturing operations is the disassembly of the ‘core’ or the product to be remanufactured.  Due to the condition of the used product, disassembly can be a difficult task that has so far been almost exclusively undertaken by human operators.  This presentation describes research into robotic disassembly by our Autonomous Remanufacturing Laboratory.  The presentation will cover the five areas of work in the Laboratory: disassembly science, disassembly strategies, disassembly planning, collaborative disassembly and disassembly case studies.  The presentation will conclude that dawn has broken on research into robotic disassembly, but much work is still needed to enable the widespread industrial application of autonomous robots in disassembly, bringing about a revolution in remanufacturing to achieve truly smart remanufacturing.

Speaker bio: 

Duc Truong PHAM OBE FREng FLSW FSME BE PhD DEng FIET FIMechE SFHEA holds the Chance Chair of Engineering at the University of Birmingham.  His research is in the areas of intelligent systems, robotics and autonomous systems and advanced manufacturing and remanufacturing technology.  He has published over 600 technical papers and books and has graduated more than 100 PhD students.  He is a recipient of several awards including five prizes from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, a Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Automation Congress and a Distinguished International Academic Contribution Award from the IEEE.  He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Learned Society of Wales, the Society for Manufacturing Engineers, the Institution of Engineering and Technology and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.  He is the founding editor of the Springer Series in Advanced Manufacturing, the founding editor-in-chief of Cogent Engineering and the editor-in-chief of the International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing.


Upcoming Speakers

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Previos sperkes

Previous Speakers

(in the order of seminar date)

Recorded videos will be available typically in 2 to 4 weeks after the seminar.


Christopher S. Tang

Distinguished Professor of UCLA and
Edward Carter Chaired Professor in Business Administration,

UCLA Anderson School of Management


Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Seminar title:

Faster Deliveries and Smarter Order Assignments for an On-Demand Meal Delivery Platform



Stefan Minner

Full Professor for Logistics and Supply Chain Management,

School of Management,

Technical University of Munich 


International Journal of Production Economics

Seminar title:

A Data-Driven Approach to Strategic Inventory Placement in Multi-Echelon Networks



Lihui Wang

Professor and Chair of

Sustainable Manufacturing,

Department of Production Engineering,

KTH Royal Institute of Technology



International Journal of Manufacturing Research,

Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing,

​Journal of Manufacturing Systems

Seminar title:

Brain Robotics for Human-Robot Collaboration


Zuo-Jun “Max” Shen.jpg

Zuo-Jun (Max) Shen

Chancellor's Professor and Department Chair,

Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research,

University of California, Berkeley


the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS)

Seminar title:

A Practical End-to-End Inventory Management Model with Deep Learning



Hau L. Lee

Thoma Professor of Operations, Information and Technology,

Graduate School of Business,

Stanford University

Founding Faculty Director,

Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (SEED)

Stanford Value Chain Innovations Initiative

Seminar title:

The New Supply Chain Renaissance


Ren C. Luo

Irving T. Ho Chair Professor and Life Distinguished Professor, 

National Taiwan University


IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics

Seminar title:

AIoT and Robotics Driving Paradigm Shift of Intelligent Manufacturing Automation


Jianjun Shi.png

Jianjun Shi

The Carolyn J. Stewart Chair and Professor,

H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering,

Georgia Institute of Technology


IISE Transactions (2017-2020)

Seminar title:

Machine Learning Enabled Quality Improvement in Smart Manufacturing Systems


Skibniewski photo.jpg

Miroslaw J. Skibniewski

Chair Professor,

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering,

University of Maryland


Automation in Construction

Seminar title: 

New Threats and Opportunities in Construction Industry Supply Chains


jason choi.jpg

Tsan-Ming Choi Jason

Professor of Fashion Business,

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Transportation Research Part E

Department Editor,

IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management


Senior Editor,

Production and Operations Management

Seminar title:

Supply Chain Coordination with Risk-Sensitive Agents: Recent Advances



John Birge

Hobart W. Williams Distinguished Service Professor of Operations

University of Chicago Booth School of Business


Operations Research

Seminar title:

The Impact of Supply Chain Network Structure on Risk Propagation



Ming Hu

Distinguished Professor of Business Operations and Analytics,

Rotman School of Management,

University of Toronto


Naval Research Logistics

Seminar title:

Several Queueing Models in On-Demand Economy



René de Koster

Professor of Logistics and Operations Management,

Department of Technology and Operations Management,

Rotterdam School of Management (RSM),

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Associate Editor,

Transportation Science,

Service Science, andOperations Research

Seminar title:

Statistical Learning in Operations: The Interplay between Online and Offline learning


Celso C. Ribeiro.jpg

Xenophon Koufteros

Jenna & Calvin R. Guest Professor in Business Administration at the Mays Business School,
Eppright University Professorship in Undergraduate Teaching Excellence, and Director of the Supply Chain Consortium, Texas A&M University


Decision Sciences Journal

Seminar title:

Supply Management & Ethical Decision Making: Behavioral Experiments


Celso Ribeiro

Full Professor at the Department of Computer Science,

Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil

General Editor,

 International Transactions in Operational Research

Seminar title:

Optimization models in sports scheduling and applications


Stephen T. Newman

Professor of Innovative Manufacturing Technology,

Department of Mechanical Engineering,

University of Bath


International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Seminar title:

Additive Manufacturing of Large Components


Alice Smith.jpg

Alice E. Smith

Joe W. Forehand/Accenture Distinguished Professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering,

Auburn University

INFORMS Journal on Computing

Seminar title:

Innovative Uses of Drones for Last Mile Delivery with a Focus on Healthcare


Suzanne de Treville

Professor of Operations Management,

University of Lausanne


Journal of Operations Management

Seminar title:

Building Responsiveness into Supply-Chain Decision Making


David Simchi-Levi

Professor of Engineering Systems,MIT Head,MIT Data Science Lab


Management Science

Seminar title:

Statistical Learning in Operations: The Interplay between Online and Offline learning



Alexandre Dolgui

Distinguished Professor and Head of the Automation, Production, and Computer Sciences Department,
IMT Atlantique


International Journal of Production Research

Seminar title:

The ASSISTANT project: AI for high level decision in manufactuing


Francisco Saldanha da Gama - 1_edited.jpg

Francisco Saldanha da Gama


Department of Statistics and Operations Research,

University of Lisbon



Computers & Operations Research

Seminar title:

Capturing Uncertainty in Districting Problems: Towards more comprehensive modeling frameworks


19. Prof Kalyan Singhal.jpg

Kalyan Singhal

McCurdy Professor of Operations Management, Merrick School of Business, University of Baltimore


Production and Operations Management,

Management and Business Review  

Seminar title:

History of Technology in China and China’s Strategic Options



Andrea Matta

Full Professor of Manufacturing and Production Systems,

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering,

Politecnico di Milano


Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal

Seminar title:

Data-Driven Creation and Operation of Digital Twins for Discrete Event Systems



Henrik Lund

Professor in Energy Planning,

Department of Planning,

Aalborg University




Seminar title:

Smart Renewable Energy Systemsand a fully Decarbonized Society



Jiuh-Biing Sheu

Chair Professor, Department of Business Administration,
National Taiwan University

Advisory Editor (Past Editor-in-Chief)
Transportation Research Part E

Seminar title:

Proactive Medical Resource Allocation and Deployment toward Intelligent Disaster Management


Hing Kai Chan.jpg

Hing Kai Chan

Professor of Operations Management,

Nottingham University Business School China


Industrial Management & Data Systems

Seminar title:

An Authentication Platform based on the Patented 3D Printing Digital Watermarking Technology and Blockchain Technology



Aydin Nassehi

Professor of Production Systems,

Head of Mechanical Engineering, 

University of Bristol

FCIRP, FHEA, MIET & IJCIM Senior Editor 

Seminar title:

Is digital manufacturing smart?


Yu Ding_edited.png

Yu Ding

Mike and Sugar Barnes Professor, 
Industrial & Systems Engineering
Associate Director for Research Engagement,
Texas A&M Institute of Data Science


Editor-in-Chief , 
IISE Transactions

Date and Time: 

Sep 7 (Wed), 2022, 20:00 HKT (GMT+8)  [Local time]

Seminar title:

Data Science for Wind Energy


Andrew Kusiak


Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering,

University of Iowa 

Director of Intelligent Systems Laboratory


Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing

Date and Time: 

Sep 14 (Wed), 2022, 20:00 HKT (GMT+8)  [Local time]

Seminar title:

Digital Manufacturing and Service Enterprises


Chen Chun-Hsien.jpg

Chun-Hsien Chen


Director of the Design Stream, and Professor-in-Charge of the Design & Human Factors Laboratory,

School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering,

Nanyang Technological University


Advanced Engineering Informatics

Seminar title:

Design Informatics in Human-Centric Smart Product-Service Systems



Yasser Dessouky

Chair Professor,

Industrial & Systems Engineering,

San Jose State University


Computers and Industrial Engineering

Date and Time: 

Oct 5 (Wed), 2022, 09:00 HKT (GMT+8)  [Local time]

Seminar title:

Supply Chain Analytics



Jason Cao


Humphrey School of Public Affairs,
University of Minnesota

Transportation Research Part D

Date and Time: 

Nov 23 (Wed), 2022, 10:00 HKT (GMT+8) [Local time]

Seminar title:

The charm of machine learning approaches in addressing nonlinear relationships between variables


Advisory Committee

International Advisory Committee

John Birge, University of Chicago

Tsan-Ming Choi Jason, National Taiwan University

Alexandre Dolgui, IMT Atlantique

Ming Hu, University of Toronto

George G.Q. Huang, The University of Hong Kong

René de KosterErasmus University Rotterdam

Xenophon Koufteros, Texas A&M University

Hau L. Lee, Stanford University

Ren C. Luo, National Taiwan University

Stefan Minner, Technical University of Munich

Stephen T. Newman, University of Bath

Henrik Lund, Aalborg University

Zuo-Jun (Max) Shen, The University of Hong Kong

Alice E. Smith, Auburn University

Celso Ribeiro, Universidade Federal Fluminense

Francisco Saldanha da GamaUniversity of Lisbon

Jianjun Shi, Georgia Institute of Technology

David Simchi-Levi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Kalyan Singhal, University of Baltimore

Miroslaw J. Skibniewski, University of Maryland

Christopher S. Tang, University of California, Los Angeles

Suzanne de Treville, University of Lausanne

Lihui Wang, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee



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