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Ren C. Luo

Irving T. Ho Chair Professor and Life Distinguished Professor, 

National Taiwan University


IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics

Date and time: Dec 02 (Wed), 2020, 20:00 HKT (GMT+8)  [Local time]



Recorded seminar: [Link]   

Seminar title: 

AIoT and Robotics Driving Paradigm Shift of Intelligent Manufacturing Automation


As the recent technology evolving, in which Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics, Intelligent Manufacturing and Digital Economy are included. Due to facing aging society, the industry encountered lack of skilled labors and increased /salary wages, the need of AI and IoT (AIoT) enhanced autonomous mobile robot (AMR), autonomous mobile industrial robot (AMIR) and manufacturing automation become obvious. Amazon, Google and Microsoft are investing in AIoT and intelligent robotics technology. Others are likely to follow, further stimulate investment and innovation.

AI0T becomes important core technological soft power which have a wide spectrum of applications including warehousing and logistic systems, robot integrated manufacturing automation, industrial cyber-physical systems (iCPS). etc. The aforementioned issues, challenges and opportunities will be the focus of this presentation including exemplary best practices and research results with video demo at our NTU International Center of Excellence on Intelligent Robotics and Automation Research.

Speaker bio: 

Prof. Ren C. Luo, IEEE and IET Fellow, received Dipl-Ing. and Dr.-Ing in EE from the Technische Universitaet Berlin, Germany. He served as Irving T. Ho Chair Professor and Life Distinguished Professor of National Taiwan University. He served two-terms as President and Dean of Engineering of National Chung Cheng University, one of the major universities in Taiwan, and Founding President of Robotics Society of Taiwan. He was President of IEEE Industrial Electronics Society.

Prof. Luo was Toshiba Chair Professor in the University of Tokyo, Japan. He was an assistant, tenured associate and Full Professor of Department of ECE at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA. He was Chief Technology Officer of ASUS Inc. the world 2nd largest PC manufacturer and served as Chief Technology Officer of FFG Inc. the world 3rd largest machine tool manufacturer.

Prof. Luo’s professional expertise includes robotic control systems, multi-sensor fusion, computer vision, 3D additive manufacturing technologies. He has authored more than 500 papers, which have been published in refereed international Transactions/ Journals and refereed conference proceedings. He also holds more than 25 international patents. As thesis adviser, Prof. Luo supervised more than 200 Master and Doctoral graduates.

Prof. Luo’s editorial positions and experiences include: current Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics (IF 9.112, 2016-present); Editor-in-Chief, IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics for 5years (IF 5.85).

Prof. Luo received IEEE Eugean Mittlemann Outstanding Research Achievement Award, IEEE IROS Harashima Innovative Technologies Award; ALCOA Company Foundation Outstanding Engineering Research Award, USA; He also served as referee and final review panel member for the evaluation and assessment of national competitive major research grants program for numerous international organizations and countries, such as USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, European Union, Austria, Singapore etc.

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